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High speed network cable cat6 plenum shielded cable

High speed network cable cat6 plenum shielded cable

CAT6 plenum shielded cable horizontal unshielded twisted pair cable for digital communication application is mainly used for the wiring between telecom lead-outs of work area and floor disturbance comprehensive system, as well as the wiring between the user telecom lead-outs and floor distrubutor comprehensive system.communication.

CAT6 plenum shielded cable used in the provision of voice and data services and the interconnection of electrical equipment and instruments, particularly in and around process plants, where transducer generated signals are transmitted through marshalled circuits to panels, controllers and associated devices.

CAT6 plenum shielded cable is to ensure that the electromagnetic interference in the environment of the transmission performance of the system, where the anti-jamming should include two aspects, namely the ability to resist external electromagnetic interference and the system itself to radiate electromagnetic interference. In theory, in the cat6 plenum shielded cable and connecting the appearance of a layer of metal material shielding layer, you can effectively filter out unnecessary electromagnetic waves, however, the effectiveness of this method in the end how?

For a shield system, it is not enough to have a layer of metal shields, and more importantly, the shield must be properly grounded so that the interference current can be effectively introduced into the earth. However, the actual construction, the shielding system there are some difficulties can not be ignored: the shielding system due to the harsh requirements of grounding, very likely to cause poor grounding, such as grounding resistance is too large, ground potential imbalance, so that in the transmission system of a certain two Will produce a potential difference, and then produce the metal shielding layer on the current, resulting in shielding layer is not continuous, to destroy its integrity.

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