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Lan cable to the direction of diversification

Lan cable to the direction of diversification

Lan cable different from the ordinary cable, can be used in special occasions, and its function is also special. Among them, high temperature wire and cable are mainly used in energy development, steel, aerospace, oil extraction and metal smelting and other fields. Low-inductance cable cooling effect is good, not only the cooling water flow, and will not block and limit the flow. Low noise cable is mainly used in medical, industrial, national defense and other areas that require small signal measurement, can be aware of the bass. There are also functional wire and lan cable and a new type of green cable.

The development direction of lan cable is diversified. Large-scale military enterprises shoulder the task of national modernization equipment and high-tech equipment, the light weight, high temperature cable demand is particularly large. Construction of the lan cable used mainly double-layer flame retardant wire and cable and low smoke halogen-free environmentally friendly wire and cable, mainly to prevent fire hazards, to prevent the occurrence of unsafe accidents. With the increasing tense energy of the mainland, oil and natural gas production began to turn to the ocean, and thus the demand for integrated cables used in the marine field increased. Domestic civil aviation booming, Boeing aircraft on the cable in particular the amount of which, most of the use of light weight, small size, high temperature radiation cross-linked or silane cross-linked wire and lan cable. Among the many types of lan cable, especially the high-temperature superconducting transmission cable market prospects. Lan cable with its superior vitality, the application of a variety of short-distance transmission of high current occasions, in short supply.

Lan cable in the next few years there will be more types of market, his role in social development and progress will be more and more important.

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