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Patch panel choice of skills

Patch panel choice of skills

Nowadays, people are getting higher and higher speed for network transmission, and we do not lose sight when we are looking for speed. Patch panel can help us solve this problem, but our choice of patch panel Above must be careful, according to the actual needs to choose patch panels.

Patch panel is used for the end-to-end and distribution of the central trunk cable in the optical fiber communication, and it is very convenient to realize the connection, distribution and dispatching of the optical fiber line. Patch panel are used to accommodate fiber and fiber optic transfer device, it can organize fiber, install fiber splitter, fiber coupler and fiber optic transceivers, but also can protect the fiber from external damage.

Selection of patch panel:

1. We should be more consideration of the cable waiting for the problem, so as to protect the patch panel chassis on the existence of fiber strength film. This will be able to better prevent the fiber from being pulled out of the fiber distribution frame, but also to avoid the cable to withstand high pressure.

2. Patch panel must be able to have a good protective effect on the fiber, and in the internal protection device to prevent the occasional contact with the outside world.

3. Patch panel should try to choose aluminum as the main material, relatively solid and beautiful. The appearance of color and other facilities should be similar to the room to ensure the overall appearance of the engine room.

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