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Quad shield coax cable fire accident causes

Quad shield coax cable fire accident causes

The use of quad shield coax cable is now more and more widely used, but with its popularity in the national power supply line, some of its security problems have gradually attracted people's attention, especially in recent years, the occurrence of cable fires more Is to remind people in the use of this cable when the extra attention. What are the reasons for the quality of the fire caused by the quad shield coax cable?

1. The conductor cross section of the cable core does not meet the requirements. Generally, the nominal interface is greater than the actual production of the cable, and the nominal value of the standard cable will have a larger unit current density, in its work process is easy because the cable can not produce heat and cause a fire accident.

2. The material of the cable is impure or unqualified. The quad shield coax cable is generally made of some copper or aluminum conductive material, and many businesses in the production process often use unqualified or not enough material to replace, this will lead to its because it contains more impurities and thus reduce electricity. So the material used as a core must be some high-quality electrolyte materials, generally copper and aluminum.

3. Insulation material composition does not meet the requirements or poor processing, we know that the cable is generally used outside the nature of a material to the core of the package, if the quality of this insulation material, then quad shield coax cable is in use Will reduce their own pressure resistance, and will form a substandard resistance value. In addition, long-term use will shorten its life, it is prone to some short-circuit fault caused by fire.

4. Improper transportation. Most of the cables are subjected to rigorous quality inspection prior to leaving the factory, but they are crushed due to improper protection during transport, resulting in damage to the insulation or breakage of the inner core.

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