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To prevent the coaxial cable fire measures

To prevent the coaxial cable fire measures

Coaxial cable used to transmit electrical energy, information, and electromagnetic energy conversion. It can be defined as a collection of one or more insulated cores, and their respective possible cladding layers, Protective layer and outer cover.

To prevent the coaxial cable fire measures:

1. To ensure the quality of construction, in particular, the quality of the production of cable head must be strictly in line with the requirements.

2. Strengthen the cable monitoring, to avoid overloading the cable.

3. On-line cable test, found that the normal should be timely treatment.

4. Coaxial cable trench to keep dry, to prevent the cable damp, resulting in insulation down, causing short circuit.

5. Regularly clean the dust on the cable to prevent the dust caused by spontaneous combustion caused by fire.

6. Strengthen the coaxial cable circuit switch and protection of the regular maintenance checks to ensure its reliable action.

Take fire prevention measures. Coaxial cable fire prevention measures are:

(1) Coaxial cable with a heat-resistant flame-retardant material bandaged, when the cable around the fire, the bandaged cable insulation and fire insulation material can be isolated from fire. If coaxial cable itself is on fire, due to the lack of oxygen in the body can make the fire self-extinguishing, to avoid the spread of the fire to the capsule in vitro.

(2) Coaxial cable through the wall, the bottom of the window, the hole of the shaft with a refractory tightly sealed to prevent the cable fire, high temperature flue gas spread and spread caused by the expansion of the fire.

(3) Brush the fireproof coating on the cable surface.

(4) With a fire bag with the cable to be burned parts of the package.

(5) In the coaxial cable layer set between the heat-resistant insulation board, to prevent the cable between the channeling flame, expand the fire.

(6) In the coaxial cable channel set sub-partition walls and fire doors, to prevent the cable channeling, expand the fire.

When a coaxial cable fire occurs, it should promptly alarm, immediately identify the fire cable belongs to the system and direction, as soon as possible to adjust the operation of the fire cable, and cut off the fire cable power to run out. Cable combustion will produce toxic gases, so the coaxial cable fire fighting need to pay special attention to protection.

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