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What are the advantages of 16 port cat6 patch panel compared to traditional patch panel?

What are the advantages of 16 port cat6 patch panel compared to traditional patch panel?

16 port cat6 patch panel, as an important part of the modern Internet world, play an important role in the transmission of information to each other, but traditional patch panel are damaged for various reasons in the course of their actual use, The traditional patch panel on the basis of a lot of improvements.

1. Strong fire performance

16 port cat6 patch panel outer wrapping material uses a high-performance fireproof material, can be in the event of a fire to effectively protect the patch panel core is not damaged, so this patch panel in the fire disaster relief is of great use, can be real-time effective Transfer information in harsh environments.

2. Has a good flexibility

One of the significant advantages of 16 port cat6 patch panel is that the degree of flexibility is much higher than that of conventional patch panel with a bend radius of up to 20D and can be wrapped around a very small cable tray that can be used in most work environments.

3. No toxic and no smell

16 port cat6 patch panel using a new type of chemical materials, non-toxic no smell, in use will not be because the patch panel overheating and volatile toxic gases, will not pose a threat to people's lives.

4. burning smoke-free foggy

16 port cat6 patch panel manufacturing raw materials are not burning inorganic materials, so when lit, will not produce any toxic smoke, but will not cause pollution to the surrounding environment, is a green product, in line with modern "can Sustainable development "of the production concept.

5. Current carrying capacity

16 port cat6 patch panel cross-sectional area is larger, in the specific use of the process which has a strong current carrying capacity. For example, in the thunderstorms, it is likely that the current in the patch panel will suddenly increase, if the current carrying capacity of the cable may burn the cable, and 16 port cat6 patch panel powerful carrying capacity to avoid this situation, in all weather , Full time period operation.

6. Strong anti-corrosion ability

The outer wrapping material of the 16 port cat6 patch panel adopts the anti-corrosion material, and the traditional rubber patch panel after the use of a period of time, because the outside world of various gases and liquid corrosion caused by damage to the package material, making the patch panel can not be used normally.

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