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What are the measures for fire alarm cable protection?

What are the measures for fire alarm cable protection?

Fire prevention measures:

(1) Using flame retardant cable.

(2) The use of fire cable bracket.

(3) The use of fire retardant coating.

(4) Cable tunnel, sandwich outlet, etc. set fireproof wall, fire baffle.

(5) Fire alarm cable should avoid the oil pipeline, explosion-proof door, or should have to take local wear or fire prevention measures.

Acceptance check:

(1) Fire alarm cable specifications should be consistent with the provisions of the arrangement should be neat, no damage, signs complete, correct and clear.

(2) The fixed bending radius of the cable, the distance and the wiring of the metal sheath of the single-core power cable should meet the requirements.

(3) Fire alarm cable terminal, the middle head does not leak oil, install a solid, oil-filled cable hydraulic and table set value should meet the requirements.

(4) Well grounded.

(5) Cable terminal color is correct, bracket and other metal parts paint complete.

(6) Cable trench and tunnel, the bridge should be no debris, cover complete.

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